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Roger Remacle moon


Victoria Taxi required a fresh look for their 59 car 'Go Green' fleetThe design had to be intuitive, extremely easy to use and display a super simple method to contact them from any mobile device (even without downloading their App). One click 'Push for Taxi'...

Visit: victoriataxi.com

Mastodonbooks, we are the book-dedicated space on Mastodon.Mastodon Books is a hub for fun and informative discussion related to books, reviews, currently reading, best in genre and of course authors. Mastodonbooks is a personal project. Administered by self and hosted on powerful Hetzner servers.

Visit: mastodonbooks.net

Chatbox.social A fun, trendy, safe general-purpose Mastodon server open to everyone!Ad-free, bully-free. All languages are welcome! Kindness is contagious, so is Mastodon! Chatbox.social is a personal project. Administered and maintained by self, Chatbox.social is hosted on powerful Hetzner servers.

Visit: chatbox.social

Tinydomain was a an extremely fast domain search toolTinydomain was build in Python/Flask and focused on high quality short, targeted domain names. It was launched and tested during 2022 with a total of 25,860 users performing 95,012 searches. The program was an exercise in Python which has now ended.

Royal Camp Services Inc required a strong corporate presence in a very selective fieldThis a Frontend project with a Backend portal ready for future development. The project was built entirely in OctoberCMS.

Visit: royalcamp.com

K.R.Prior (1932 - 2020) - Poetry
  For those of us haunted through the mystery of poetry, where rhythms and cadences dance -
      Where the power of the Muse beckons -
          And where the gods and the goddesses await -
              We are their Servants.
Visit: krprior.com

Shookitty required an e-commerce platformThe platform needed to represent their unique products and offer room for expansion. Shookity was built on OpenCart using a customized skeleteon template. The project is able to store several thousand products.

Visit: shookitty.com