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Victoria Taxi required a fresh look for their 59 car 'Go Green' fleetThe design had to be intuitive, extremely easy to use and display a super simple method to contact them from any mobile device (even without downloading their App). One click 'Push for Taxi'...

Visit: victoriataxi.com

Mastodonbooks, we are the book-dedicated space on Mastodon.Mastodon Books is a hub for fun and informative discussion related to books, reviews, currently reading, best in genre and of course authors. Mastodonbooks is a personal project. Administered by self and hosted on powerful Hetzner servers.

Visit: mastodonbooks.net

Tinydomain was a an extremely fast domain search toolTinydomain was build in Python/Flask and focused on high quality short, targeted domain names. It was launched and tested during 2022 with a total of 25,860 users performing 95,012 searches. The program was an exercise in Python which has now ended.

K.R.Prior (1932 - 2020) - Poetry
  For those of us haunted through the mystery of poetry, where rhythms and cadences dance -
      Where the power of the Muse beckons -
          And where the gods and the goddesses await -
              We are their Servants.
Visit: krprior.com

Shookitty required an e-commerce platformThe shopping cart needed to represent the unique Shookitty brand and offer room for expansion. We originally built the project on the OpenCart platform in 2016 and ultimately migrated it to Shopify in June 2023 to expand sales channels.

Visit: shookitty.com