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Roger Remacle moon
Hello, my name is Roger.

I Build Websites🎉

Very fast, very secure static sites,
On fully managed high performance cloud services.

Whether you are an Individual, Designer or Project Manager, you can trust me to build a pixel perfect site that is static and fast, or dynamic and easy to update. View Projects👏
Complete Projects
from: $1000

I'll work with you to build a secure, intuitive, and effective online presence.

I use Jamstack architecture to serve static HTML and deliver an interactive experience using JavaScript.

For static content, I work with 11ty (Eleventy). 11ty is a modern JavaScript static site generator with flexible configuration options.

For dynamic content and if you're 'hands on', we'll work with Ghost CMS (and others). 'Ghost' is easy to edit with a beautiful user interface that includes blogs, galleries and user management.

Server Management:

Server building and provisioning is included in 'Complete Projects' or, If you have existing quality hosting, I 'll be happy to work in your environment.

Partial projects available.

Server Projects
from: $150
+ Monthly maintenance ($20/mon) + Server costs.

While more complex than shared hosting, 'Virtual Private Servers' deliver a much higher level of security. Since your environment is virtualized, you are isolated from others on the same physical server. I'll take care of complexity.

Providers: DigitalOcean, Hetzner, Linode.

Base configuration:
  • Ubuntu 18.04 to 22.04 LTS
  • Nginx, Python
  • SSL Certificate (Certbot)
  • Security headers
  • Firewall optimized (UFW)
  • Auto security updates
  • Uptime monitor (DO)
  • NodeJS 14.x/15.x/16/x, NPM, MongoDB
  • PHP 7.2 - 8.0, MySQL, MariaBD, Postfix
All prices are in US dollars

What's your project?

Let's talk: @roger.remacle